Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sydney's Bat Mitzvah

Sydney's Bat Mitzvah was a lively affair. Her service took place at Beth Am Israel in Penn Valley and her party was at Front & Palmer in the South Kensington Art District of Philadelphia. Sydney's parents, brother, sister, and grandparents were all on board for the bimah and fun family photos at the synagogue. It was a beautiful fall day and we took full advantage of the light inside and out. The party was an evening affair at a brand new venue that used to be a barrel factory. However, this artsy and exciting venue is all dressed up and a wonderful place to see and be seen.  The decor, the food, and its presentation was amazing, and we made sure to capture the ambient mix of light, love, and spirit  as Sydney celebrated her rich heritage and a job well done. 

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Friday, August 24, 2012

These are our signature Creative Portraits. We find the nicest light, background, and people (the family and wedding party, of course.) While they are chatting and waiting to be photographed more formally, one of us starts shooting these candid portraits, capturing the mood, chemistry and dynamic among family and friends. Our clients love having these timeless images which so reflect the personality and spirit of their loved ones. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Photograph a 3 Year Old

Photographing pets, sports, and 3 year olds requires a similar set of skills.  Each involves a subject that is often out of your control to some degree.  I found a great background of backlit, colorful leaves, and put his favorite card in place to anchor him down.  Reflectors were placed in the sun to throw some great light on him. We had 3-4 minutes to shoot him before he was off and running around the yard again.